Planned according to your needs

We offer our clients a personal consultation and a vast array of services

Tecnocementedil provides services and solutions for your whole plantation, we are always pursuing perfection and consistently guarantee innovation and quality. This allows us to maximize our products by solving all the problems inherent in the design and construction of the plants.

"In constant dialogue in order to understand each client’s needs."Pierangelo Genesio

Our services

  • pre-purchase advice in selecting products and most suitable accessories according to farming and terrain types
  • delivery by vehicles equipped with cranes
  • full installation by highly-specialised personnel
  • organisational efficiency, precision and punctuality in every task
  • widespread network of dealers from all over Europe
  • post-purchase advice
  • universal product guarantee

Keys in hand

We also offer the following services to all clients who request them:

  • satellite tracking
  • technical planning of plantations
  • vine plantation
  • post distribution and installation
  • anchoring installation
  • wire and accessory painting
  • fence and enclosure construction
  • waterproofing and enclosure filling