“Profil Alsace” steel polesclear and solid ideas over time


“Profil Alsace” steel poles

“Choosing Profil Alsace has many advantages: from metal support to protection from all sorts of inconveniences.”

Profil Alsace offers poles for vineyards, orchards, floriculture, outdoor hobbies and fences, allowing you to choose different models, shapes and dimensions.

Profil Alsace can provide iron poles, formed cold and zinc-coated hot with innovative and unique technology.

The poles have a 30-year guarantee against:

  • corrosion
  • wind damage
  • combine harvesters

It is not easy to build poles like these: every detail is studied and improved over time to produce a trustworthy, safe and unbeatable product.

With its poles and accessories, Profil Alsace is an investment that will outlast the vineyard itself!

Profil Alsace poles selections

  • POLE P3 (thickness 1,65 mm)
    x: 31 mm – y: 33 mm
  • POLE P4N (thickness 1,65 mm)
    x: 31 mm – y: 43 mm
  • POLE P5 (thickness 1,65 mm)
    x: 32 mm – y: 51-52 mm
  • POLE P5M (thickness 1,65 mm)
    x: 37 mm – y: 52 mm
  • POLE P5L (thickness 1,65 mm)
    x: 42 mm – y: 52 mm
  • POLE P6 (thickness 1,65 mm)
    x: 39 mm – y: 59 mm
  • POLE P5E (thickness 2,15 mm)
    x: 35 mm – y: 52-53 mm

Pole section