Zinc-coated screw-in anchoring forms a very stable anchoring system for any vineyard; anchoring is driven into the ground by rotating the anchoring around the pole axis. A range of diameters are available for pole and anchoring.

The anchoring, along with the handle on its end, is a system comprised of screw-in anchoring or of a slab to secure the butt of the pole.

The screw-in anchoring is very practical insofar as it can be screwed down directly into the ground, has extremely good grip and can resist strain from the moment of installation.


model characteristics
screw-in anchoring 800.12.140
screw-in anchoring 1000.12.140
screw-in anchoring 1000.14.180
cement anchoring 30 cm
cement anchoring 40 cm
cement anchoring 50 cm
zinc-coated poles 14.120
zinc-coated poles 14.150
zinc-coated poles 14.170