Technology and Craftsmanship

Thanks to over forty years of experience, we are first port of call for farmers and winegrowers seeking quality, beauty and functionality.

Our objective is enhancing agricultural plantations’ productivity, optimising work in the vineyards and creating solutions capable of withstanding time, without sacrificing aesthetic beauty.


Passion, transparency, loyalty, the ability to listen. Excellence in our products, quality in our work, high-speed delivery and maximum transparency. The TECNOCEMENTEDIL experience is a set of values that we have accrued “in the fields”, in close contact with our clients and their needs.

"My most important lesson? Experience."Pierangelo Genesio

The History of Tecnocementedil

My name is Genesio Pierangelo and I was born in Monforte d’Alba, in the heart of the Barolo hills. From an early age, I nurtured a real passion for building and manual work. At twelve I was already building for my father Giacomo, under whom I gained extensive experience in the building industry: over 60 years of hard work, experimentation and innovation that have today become my most important asset.


Over time, I began to specialise in construction technology, with particular interest in the traditional models used in the Langhe region, such as dry stone walls, bound with mortar or in brick; in centred barrel vaults, rib vaults and groin vaults, wooden slabs along with iron beams and brick arches; and in the building of chimneys and rooves along with wooden structures and semi-cylindrical tiling.


In 1974, I took over the business, directing my energies towards local architecture and developing new prefabrication technologies for use in viticulture. Thus the artisanal company “TECNOCEMENTEDIL di GENESIO PIERANGELO” was born, specialising in both the complete restoration of existing structures in accordance with tradition, style and materials, and the ability to develop innovative reinforced concrete technologies for production.


At the beginning of the eighties, TECNOCEMENTEDIL consolidated and expanded its scope of activity. My son Livio joined the business and began building a larger workshop, equipped with cutting-edge machinery.

The business bases its own know-how on hand-made products for use in viticulture: cement vineyard poles and every form of post, wire, anchoring, support, accessory and all other necessities for vineyard plantation, an industry in which TECNOCEMENTEDIL is one of the top businesses in the region.

Today, my daughter Aura is also on our team, responsible for the commercial aspect of the business and for marketing plans, guaranteeing a high level of support and professionalism on each project.


We are still an artisanal and familial business in which the greatest attention is paid to worker safety, and we undertake all our professional tasks with the utmost care.

Since 2005, we have been endowed with the ISO Certification 9001:2008 for the quality of our organisation and management. Since 2008, the business has been able to use the CE mark, ultimate guarantee of the top-quality standards of TECNOCEMENTEDIL.